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The AH Kristina is in Trubarjeva ulica 56 in the heart of Piran, 150 m from Tartinijev trg/square, 100 m from the nearest beach. The beach is made of concrete, you can spread your towels on huge rocks; if you do not mind taking some steps, you will find a small-stone-beach where toddlers feel really well. However, we recommend you a walk to see what kinds of beaches are available.

PARKING!!! Read this carefully, please!!!

In summer it is not possible to park in the town centre for a long time as this is the old part of the town. The cars you can see in the town belong to the inhabitants of Piran. Surely you can take your car near Tartinijev trg for an hour. You will be charged 1€ during the season, and it is free in the off-season. If you are told you cannot park in the town as it is crowded, just tell the person in charge that you are starting your holidays and need only a little time to take your luggage to the apartment.

You can park near Tartinijev trg. When you see the square with a statue of the violinist Tartini, turn right into the roundabout and see where you can leave your vehicle for half an hour. Turn on all 4 indicators and take your luggage to the apartment.


If you park near Tartinijev trg at least two ways take you to the AH Kristina.

1. Your starting point is a red Venetian house. Left of its entrance there is a narrow lane. Go along it for about 150 m, through a short 'tunnel', and then you already see the town wall on the right, a large palm, green shutters and ... you have found us! Our little house has 3 stars at its entrance, and it is the first in the row. 

2. Pass the fruit market and go straight on and turn right at Video Store “Videoteka” with a red canopy, a few meters on turn right again and you will see the town wall in front of you. A large luxuriant palm is hiding behind the wall and behind it AH Kristina with green shutters. When you see the wall, turn left for a few steps; the first entrance is ours and a plate with *** so that you can see you are right.

3. If there is no space for your steel horse near Tartinijev trg, turn right off the roundabout (if you turned left you would leave Piran) and then right again. On your left you will see the Piran Hotel, on your right a tourist office where you can be provided with brochures, and in front of you there is a small parking place where you can park for a few minutes and take your luggage to the apartment. Near this parking place there is the “Tri vdove” restaurant. When you have parked go straight along the lane (the “Tri vdove” restaurant is on your left). Walk across the Prvomajski trg Square where cultural events often take place, and then turn right into Trubarjeva ulica. You go under the arcades and when you see the old town wall on your left and a large palm in front of you, you know you are right. 

When your luggage is in the apartment, take care to park your car as soon as possible on the parking place where it can wait for you for a week.

You can park at Fornače at the exit from Piran (we have to check again daily rate) or in the parking house above Piran at the same price.

The sea is only 2 minutes away, the hotel beach 250 m, the Punta 400 m, the shop is nearby, the fruit market some steps away, there is St. Jurij/George church above our house (some minutes away), some steps away of the house there is St. Štefan /Stephen church. Bakery, butcher and food store Mercator are near the fruit market. You can have your cup of coffee at a nearby bar and have your meals at excellent fish restaurants Piran does not lack; in short, Piran is a town where everything is at hand.